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A few months ago I was looking for a way to have a little more fun, and actually interact with people. I’ve always loved playing PC games that involved playing online. The social interaction was always fun, but it was always someone who was five states away, or sometimes had to deal with the difficulties of when to play, so I started researching board games.

And the last is physicality. Perhaps sometime in the future Video games will bridge this gap, however for now, board games have the upper hand on the physical component. The other day I played a game of Quirkle and the board was so eye-catching I simply had to sit there and stare at it for a short time. I was in awe. I would submit there is an aesthetic benefit that accompanies Board Games that you simply cannot get with video games.

Customized mirrors are not the only accessories that can be bought to add charisma to your home bar. These upgrades can range from glass racks, pub lights, bar stools, Tabletop games and even benches. Every improvement that you make to your custom bar will add a new feel. You can buy accessories that match your personality or even that let people know who your favorite team is.

WHAT????? “MARK AND I”???? When, exactly did this turn into a WE thing? I was just sitting there!!!! I wasn’t even participating!!!! Now all of the sudden I’m The Sundance Kid to his Butch Cassidy?

The next set of games, we like to call our “new games” or “innovative games”. These games are mostly X-Box games: Guitar Hero, Virtual Fighter. Some PC games. That is slowly moving into mobile gaming as well. It’s the up and coming platform for the preferred gamer. This years national final plays host to what is known as the Samsung mobile challenge. At the Samsung mobile challenge there are two games: WiseStar2, and Asphalt 4. One’s a racing game one’s a jewel game much like Bejeweled. These games are going to be the future of all gaming, as the trends are showing us that more and more people are using their mobile phones to actually game, around the world. So we have PC, Legacy titles, X-Box 360, very good popular titles, and Mobile titles as well.

The queen is an important Carrom piece which is actually the most powerful in value which is also termed match-taker. It is colored red or sometimes pink in some play sets. The queen is basically placed at the center of the circle at the start of the game. Whoever wins the board and sinks the queen into the corner pocket gains three queen points to their total score. In most games, a fine-grained powder is also utilized to make the pieces slide much easier on the board. The most commonly used fine-grained powder is the boric acid.

Friday April 15th is board game night. This is another event which is held weekly and any kind of board game can be played from new to old, in any genre desired. Board game night is held from 6:30 pm to 11 pm.

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